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In Thailand, BTS sky train is one of the most convenient public transportation in the heart of Bangkok. You can go from one place to another with just a blink of an eye. Bangkok is big, but BTS sky train covers most of the tourist attractions ranging from Mo Chit station to Bearing station in the east or to Bang Wa station in the west. Travelers might find this BTS sky train unfamiliar and encounter with inconveniences. Besides, travelers have problems with their bags and baggage deposit service. This article is about how to use BTS sky train as a local!

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First of all, I would like to point out that there is an information center in every station so if you have any question please feel free to ask them. Now let’s talk about tickets:

There are 3 types of tickets you can choose from; Smart pass ticket, One day pass ticket and single round ticket. Smart pass ticket is suitable for those who have to use BTS sky train every day because the price will be cheaper but the thing is that you have to top up the ticket with some amount of money. One day pass ticket allows you to hop on the train unlimited times and the expiry time of the ticket is at midnight so watch out. Last but not least, single round ticket is a popular ticket for normal people. The ticket will be taken back at you final destination.

*This is an advice for you tour in Bangkok. The ticket that is suitable for every tourist is single round ticket and one day pass ticket depending on your traveling plan. For example, if you have to take the train for more than 4 times a day, one day pass ticket is your best choice. One day pass ticket also allows you to go on the train without buying another ticket. In rush hours, you can save ages to avoid the endless queue.  In additional, you can also take the ticket back as a souvenir too. On the other hand, if you only use BTS once or twice a day, single round ticket would worth the money.

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So, how is it? It is pretty easy right? Now you can enjoy the BTS sky train as a local!!

In addition, I have another trick to be more local is that you have to stand in the train without holding on to the rail. This would be fun too.

For those who do not wish to carry their gigantic baggage around BTS station, AIRPORTELs, Thailand’s first baggage delivery service, can treat you just right. AIRPORTELs allows travelers from around the world to enjoy the capital city of Thailand with their hands free!!

AIRPORTELs will take care of your baggage and burden so you can spend your time and make the most of your day. AIRPORTELs service kiosk is located in Asia Hotel. Travelers can stop at Ratchthewi BTS station and deposit their baggage easily because Asia Hotel has connecting pathway from the station into the hotel. If you are at Ratchathewi BTS station, a hand-free trip is just a few steps away!! The kiosk is at 1st floor of the hotel, next to the information center.

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