Discover Amazing Thailand Stories : PADTHAI (ผัดไทย)

“Pad Thai”

Thai cuisine “Pad Thai” has been famous since World War II and is easy to cook and healthy.

pad thai, thai foodThai cuisine, pad thai, thaifoodThai cuisine, pad thai, thaifoodThai cuisine, pad thai, thaifood           “Pad Thai” was created during the regime of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram, signifying Thai nationalism of the time. “Pad Thai” has been famous since World War II and is easy to cook and healthy. Today, anyone, though with different background, can enjoy the dish. Named after Chanthaburi province, Thailand, “Chan Noodles” the core of the dish are made from rice. It is the same grain that is used for the other well-known Thai food such as rice with BBQ pork, rice chicken, crispy rice, and chilled rice. Having not only delicious noodles, Chanthaburi is also famous for traditional jewelry, mat products and durian.

              An important side dish, bean browses come from green bean. Thais learn how to grow bean browse since childhood. Furthermore, Thai people also learn Thai classical dance, Thai classical music, Thai royal dance, and play Thai tom drum. The sauce is made from a mixture of tamarind, a fruit originated from Africa. Tamarind can also be found in Phetchabun province in the north of Thailand. The locals believe tamarind tree is holy and use it to keep evil spirits away, such as flying ghost, hungry ghost, and Dracula. “Pad Thai” will not be completed without dry shrimps. Dry shrimps come from the south of Thailand, where is also known for beautiful coral reef.

Thai cuisine, padthai, Muay Thai
There must have “tofu” in the dish which you can find easily in Chinatown. simply dice, stew, and fry, with swede, radish and eggs. “Pad Thai” is usually served in a plate. But, if you prefer authenticity and local style, try having it on banana leaves with banana blossoms on the side. Banana tree trunks are also used for “Loi Krathong” festival, feeding pigs, and practicing of “Muay Thai”. You can order “Pad Thai” anywhere, on the street or in restaurant, and have it on land or on water, everywhere in Thailand.


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