AIRPORTELs have served thousands of travelers in the first year

We’ve been helping thousands of travelers enjoy their journey and vacation in Bangkok, Thailand. It has been a year since AIRPORTELs served Baggage Delivery to travelers from airbnb in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for your great support. We are glad that all of our kind guests are benefited from this easy, convenient and reliable service.

Many of you might not know how we come up with it and why? Here’s the AIRPORTELs story! It starts from a discussion with a friend doing airbnb in 2014. While he’s hosting guests and tenants, most of them will have problems about their baggage for early check-in or late check-out.  After looking for proper solutions, we noticed that there’s no coin lockers nor deposit service available at public transfers.

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Months later, our team placed the 1st electronic locker “Lockbox” at airport rail link station, Makkasan Station, successfully. However, this is not enough! Locker service is not the ultimate solution for travelers to enjoy vacation in Bangkok as they still need to carry their bags from hotel to the locker and they need to get back to pick the baggage up from the locker again. Somehow, I’d think that if my baggage could have legs and walk by itself, and that’s the “Aha” moment.

(Note: 3 transit systems, BTS, MRT and ARL, are available in Bangkok. Though some of the stations of each system are adjacent to each other, travelers have to pass through long walkway and stairs to get into the other one. Imagine that you carry your 20 kg, roughly 40 lbs., or even heavier, baggage to climb up several stairways and, probably, many times that make you wanna cry. You might think about taking a taxi. Yes, it could be the solution, but make sure you really realize the notorious traffic jam in the city.)

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The idea is really simple, as the pain point comes at airport and hotel. If we can connect the places seamlessly, travelers can enjoy more and spend their time wisely! Think how tough it is when you drag your bags in the heat, or the storm can just come to fall on your head by surprise. Thus, we came up with this new service “AIRPORTELs baggage Delivery” to deliver travelers baggage to and from airports or hotels in Bangkok. Now, you don’t need to worry about your belongings. Think baggage needs, think AIRPORTELs. We’ll take care of your baggage, while you can travel with hands-free.

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Till now, thousands of travelers have used our service, are all satisfied and love our service. We have successfully made every order and served travelers from all around the world. It’s a great gift for us on this meaningful day. Travelers stay at airbnb are available to use the service too. As airbnb hosts usually have no reception or concierge to help, AIRPORTELs baggage delivery service will be the best solution!

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Thanks again for the great support. To delight your journey with hassle free, BOOK NOW and enjoy your vacation in Bangkok, Thailand.

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